300 Vesey


Welcome to 300 Vesey Street! 2019 BOMA Operating Office Building of the Year (500,000-1 Million SQF)!


Title Name Contact
Property Manager Timothy Rowland timothy.rowland@brookfieldproperties.com
Assistant Property Manager Pamela Liang pamela.liang@brookfieldproperties.com
Property Administrator Siquasia Butler siquasia.bulter@brookfieldproperties.com
Chief Engineer Louis Metcalf louis.metcalf@brookfieldproperties.com
Fire Life Safety Director Christopher Bush christopher.bush@brookfield.com
Security Director Richard Nicoletti richard.nicoletti@brookfield.com


300 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10282

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Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
The Management Office is located on the 12th floor.

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Handicap accessible entrances provide easy access to and from 300 Vesey Street. Handicap entrances and egresses are available along the west side of the building and at the south east entrance.

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  • Tenant Handbook
  • Certificates of Insurance
    • Tenants are required to keep on file with the Management Office a current Certificate of Insurance evidencing sufficient coverage to satisfy the terms of their lease.
    • The insurer must be admitted and licensed in New York and the Certificate must contain a provision that coverage will not be canceled or non-renewed without a thirty (30) days prior written notice to the Owner.
    • When tenant work is to be done by contractors in the building, the tenant authorizing such work shall be responsible for including in the contract for such work the following insurance and indemnity requirements to the extent that they are applicable. Insurance certificates must be received prior to construction / service.
      All certificates shall name the Landlord as the certificate holder as follows:
      Certificate Holder:
      BOP One North End LLC
      c/o Brookfield Properties
      One North End Avenue
      New York, NY 10282
      And as an additional insured party as follows:
      Battery Park City Authority dba Hugh L. Carey, Battery Park City Authority, as master landlord under the master lease, The City of New York, New York State Urban Development Corporation, Royal Bank of Canada, BOP One North End LLC, Battery Park City Authority, as landlord under the ground lease, Brookfield Properties (USA II) LLC, and their affiliates and all of their respective employees, officers, directors, partners, members, agents, board of managers, and any successors and assigns of such entities; any present or future mortgagee which encumbers an interest in the land or improvements commonly known as 300 Vesey Street, New York, New York and its successors and assigns; and such other and further entities and/or individuals as may be identified by the Owner in writing.
    • Each contractor and each subcontractor shall, until the completion of the tenant work in question, procure and maintain at its expense, the following insurance coverage with companies acceptable to landlord in the following minimum limits:
    • Completed certificates must be received before work can commence. Please contact the Management Office for insurance requirements for specific trades prior to the commencement of work.
  • Tenant Construction and Alteration Manual
  • Tenant Contact Information Form
  • Tenant Emergency Action Plan - Coming soon.

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